Gods, Deities, and General Religion

God/Daemon Names

Azrael, God of (UNDECIDED)
Olweron, God of Magic and Wizardry
Arwen, Lady of the Sky and the Stars
Kayle, the God of Judgment
Leona, Goddess of the Sun
Diana, Goddess of the Moon
Morr, God of Death (Human)
Shallya, Goddess of Healing and Mercy
Sigmar, God of Unity
The Lady of the Lake, Patron Goddess of Brettonia
Myrmidia, Goddess of Righteousness, Tactics, and Strategy
Meta, God of Time
Arbach, God of Cuisine and Debauchery
Eldaron, God of Dragons
Arien, the Goddess of the Hunt
(The)Jackal, the God of Misfortune, Trickery, and Chaos
Ranald, the God of Thievery (non-violent)
Heckel, the God of the Underworld
Pyre, the God of Fire, Destruction and Courage
Ulric, the God of Winter, Ruin, and Nobility

Fenrir, the Deity of Wolves and Predators
Nocturne, Lord of Nightmares
Bezadk, Lord of Knowledge
Argo, Lord of the Road

Nurgle, Daemon of Plague and Decay
Khorne, Daemon of Bloodshed and Fury
Tzeentch, Daemon of Forbidden Knowledge and Change
Orcus, Daemon of Undeath
Hazack, Daemon (?)
Azatoth, Daemon(?)

Tribal/Nomadic Beings
The Being of Fire, tribal Deity of the Ush’Rokar Orc tribe
The Spider-God, tribal Deity of some goblins and hob-goblins of the forest

Gods, Deities, and General Religion

Azatoth Draos