Knighthood Orders, Adventure Companies

Adventuring Companies

Harold’s Hero Adventurer Company
The Order of the Grey Raven
The Order of the Griffon /E/
Tharry’s Heroes
The Bears of Arbour
Hell’s Dragoons
Nordland Marauders
The Red Foxes
Wilhelm’s Legion

Knight Orders/Prominent Guilds/Elite Soldiers

The White Council
Hel’s Angels /F/
Shadow Warriors/HE/
The Council of the Iron Fist
The Wolves of Elsweyr
The Knights of the Holy Grail
The Black Dragons
The Knights of the White Lion
Knights of the Forlorn Hope
Dwarven Iron Breakers
Elven Swordmasters
Shank Squadron
Knights of the Blazing Sun
The Order of Last Eventide
Knights of Breaking Dawn
The Guild of the Cuisenaire Arts
The Guild of the Forgotten Arts
The Guild of Commerce
The Guild of the Arcane Arts

Knighthood Orders, Adventure Companies

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